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The London Marathon 2014 – Running To Improve Wellbeing In The UK

Exercise and Nutrition
This Sunday thousands of eager athletes, both professional and amateur, will be taking part in what is an important event in the calendar of any runner – The London Marathon Whether they are running for themselves, or a charity of their choice, everyone who takes part in this challenge will be putting themselves through a lot before they cross the finish line... Read Post

World Health Day 2014 – Improving Global Health & Care

Health Industry News, Medical Centre, International
World Health Day is today, the annual celebration of the founding of the WHO in 1948 that each year highlights one specific area of public health that needs attention This year it is vector-borne diseases... Read Post

April Is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month – How Can You Reduce The Risk?

Exercise and Nutrition, Medical Centre
This month is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month! Throughout April Bowel Cancer UK will be helping you, the general public, to find out more about the disease and raise money to help prevent it But what can you do to prevent and reduce your risk of the disease yourself? Assess Your Risk Of Bowel Cancer The exact cause of bowel (or colorectal as it is sometimes known) cancer is not known, however there are certain factors that are known to be associated with the disease: - Gender and Age – bowel cancer effects both men and women, and in the UK the majority of cases (95%) occur in those over the age of 50 - Family history – if you have a first degree relative (i... Read Post

Health Insurance Group Sponsors The 2014 Wellbeing Symposium

Health Industry News
You may have seen the recent news that we have been confirmed as the lead sponsor of this year’s Wellbeing Symposium If you’re interested in the latest in health and wellbeing then it is certainly the place to be come the 19th November!  The symposium is a pioneering event brings together a whole variety of thought-leaders in the field of health and wellbeing, to deliver advice on tools and different strategies to help with anything from workplace health to child obesity... Read Post

World Kidney Day – Raising Awareness Of Kidney Disease Across The Globe

Exercise and Nutrition, Medical Centre, International
Today is World Kidney Day, the global awareness day that helps generate support and extend knowledge of kidney disease and general kidney health across the world There are a wide range of events happening, from fundraisers to talks, helping to extend the cause of World Kidney Day to all... Read Post

Brain Awareness Week – The Global Event Designed To Highlight Brain Health & Develop Brain Research

Health Industry News, Medical Centre
This week is Brain Awareness Week, the global event designed to inform people about brain health and research, whilst simultaneously celebrating this powerful organ Started originally by the DANA Foundation, the private organisation that is committed to the advancement of brain research, this event runs a programme of lectures and other activities to help increase awareness of theirs, and others, efforts... Read Post

We’ve Launched A New Health Insurance Comparison Website!

Health Industry News
Recently The Health Insurance Group launched PMI Express, a brand new health insurance comparison website designed to help customers get quick and easy access to quotes on the private healthcare packages they need With a steady rise in E-commerce, this is an opportunity for us to make our mark on the online health insurance market, delivering a panel of different provider options to users within moments to ensure that they can interact with our company in a transparent manner – further displaying our commitment to bringing you the fairest deal on private medical insurance... Read Post

What Can Health Insurance Providers Do To Help Those With Mental Health Issues?

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Mental health has become a key issue for all of those in healthcare, whether public or private With recent figures suggesting that in some form mental health accounts for 22% of all illness, does more need to be done to help those suffering from these conditions? With the NHS making cuts to its mental health provision, despite many calls and figures that would suggest it needs to be improved, there is a growing campaign in the UK to bring mental health to the forefront of our minds... Read Post