Your employees’ good health is good for your business. Protect your employees, and help minimise their absence

Supporting your healthcare needs

Healthcare can form a crucial element of your company’s employee benefits package.

The right healthcare package not only helps attract and retain staff but can help you create a healthier, more productive workforce. And should employees become ill, they have fast access to high quality medical care and advice to get them back to work efficiently and effectively.

As a specialist healthcare and wellbeing intermediary our consultants will develop the most appropriate healthcare programme for you and your employees. From private medical insurance, to healthcare cash plans and dental insurance, we can help.

We will ensure you have access to the products that suit you best, at a price that matches your budget and tailored to your specific requirements.

Private medical insurance

It’s a fact of life that none of us are infallible. We’re all likely to get sick or injured at some point, and this can lead to needing to take time off for appointments with doctors and specialists.

Reduced absence

With private medical insurance your employees will be able to avoid long waiting lists for treatment, so they’ll be able to get back to work quicker. They’ll also have more flexibility with appointment times – allowing them to choose a time that fits around their working day.

Choosing the right product is key

Due to the number of lives on a group policy, the advice of a professional insurance intermediary is crucial because of the intricacy of contract styles, coverage offerings, funding requirements and cost containment options.

If you are looking for cover for 500 employees or more, a corporate healthcare trust could be a cost effective way of covering your staff. A trust is an arrangement where your employees can receive healthcare benefits without you needing to set up an insurance policy. The trust is funded by payments made by you, which are then used to cover eligible expenses incurred by your employees.

We recognise that one size doesn’t fit all and will work with you to design a health and wellbeing plan that will meet your business’s own specific needs.

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Healthcare cash plan

Everyday healthcare bills can easily mount up. A healthcare cash plan can be a low-cost package to help your employees claim back the cost of treatments, such as eye tests, dental treatment, physiotherapy and chiropractor treatment.

Tailored to your needs

Healthcare cash plans can be tailored to suit most budgets and requirements. They can be offered on a standalone basis or dovetailed with a private medical insurance (PMI) scheme to help reduce ongoing costs, as your staff can use their cash plan to fund specialist consultations and therapy treatments, or even fund the claims excess on a PMI policy.

A valuable benefit

Many employers are looking to implement healthcare cash plan benefits as they are affordable, can cover pre-existing conditions and provide valuable benefits that a high number of staff engage with. They can also help you:

  • Control absenteeism costs with preventative healthcare initiatives
  • Enhance your corporate healthcare benefits packages
  • Save on your PMI premiums
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Many people only visit their dentist when they have a problem, or delay any treatment that is needed because of cost. This means that chances for early intervention are lost and more extensive treatment is usually needed.

Check-ups can help identify more serious conditions

Regular dental examinations are important to assess oral health. Many people don’t realise that poor oral health is increasingly being linked to other more serious medical conditions, such as diabetes, strokes and heart problems. Mouth cancer can often be spotted in its early stages by a dentist during a thorough mouth examination.

A cost effective benefit

By introducing dental health into your employee benefits package, you can not only increase the productivity and performance of your workforce, but also help to reduce absence related costs too.

Three quarters of employees will take up a benefit based on how regularly it can be used. Dental insurance is viewed by 55% of employees as a tangible, usable benefit.*

Dental insurance schemes can be tailored to suit most budgets and requirements.

*Source: YouGov Employee Health and Wellbeing Survey 2015.

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