Workplace pensions and auto-enrolment solutions for employers

Helping you with auto-enrolment

The delivery of auto-enrolment can be complex and time consuming.

Whilst there are many ‘solutions’ out there that claim to be able to manage auto-enrolment, these frequently fall short, leaving you with the task of ensuring you are compliant in meeting your employer obligations.

We’ve partnered with Johnson Fleming, an industry leader in               auto-enrolment, to source you an auto-enrolment solution that works.


Johnson Fleming is a leading workplace pensions and employee benefits specialist, providing outsourced support to UK businesses. They have been administering auto-enrolment for some of the UK’s largest employers and using the same technology, they have built a range of auto-enrolment services for SME businesses.

Johnson Fleming

Your choice

Depending on the level of support required, you can opt for a 'Managed' or 'Supported' auto-enrolment service.

The 'Managed' auto-enrolment service will devolve all responsibility of compliance to the experts at Johnson Fleming, resulting in a substantially reduced workload while ensuring risk exposure is minimised.

Alternatively, for businesses able to manage auto-enrolment internally, the 'Supported' auto-enrolment service provides you with everything your business needs to deliver a fully compliant auto-enrolment solution, using the same software as the managed offering.

If you have already decided how you will manage your auto-enrolment responsibilities and are simply looking to source a qualifying workplace pension scheme for your business, the ‘Auto-enrolment pension selection service’ provides a quick and cost effective way of sourcing and establishing a scheme that’s right for your circumstances.

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Helping you with workplace pension solutions

We’ve partnered with Johnson Fleming to help you with your workplace pension, whether it’s sourcing the right pension scheme for your business, updating you on its performance, managing the day to day aspects of running it or educating your employees on your pensions value.

Group pension services range from scheme governance support through to a fully outsourced group pension department.

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