International wellbeing

Help your employees have an easier transition when they’re on international assignment

Support when it’s needed

Sending your staff on international assignments represent a significant investment for a company.

At the same time, employees and their families will face unique challenges related to their relocation. They must cope with the stresses of moving to a new location, the loss of their existing social support network, unfamiliarity with and often limited access to local resources, the challenges of integration in their host country and community, culture shock and risk of isolation.

Help increase the chances of a successful transition by investing in a wellbeing package for your employees on international assignment.

We’ve teamed up with Morneau Shepell to bring you a range of solutions that can provide employees with the support they need.

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Global employee assistance plan

Employee mobility is on the rise. Companies competing in the global marketplace expect both short-term and long-term assignments to increase significantly.

Take on the stress out of relocating

International assignments bring the challenges of adapting to an unfamiliar work environment, new colleagues and a foreign culture often with different values, customs and language. An expatriate employee assistance plan helps take the stress out of relocating, whether it’s across the country or around the world.

Aid cross-cultural adjustments

Up to 25 per cent of all international assignments end prematurely, which experts attribute to the inability to make the necessary cross-cultural adjustments. When asked about the most critical issues they faced, 25% of expatriates ranked difficulty with the new location as the most problematic. (Global Relocation Trends Survey Report 2011)

Helping with all aspects

Our expatriate employee assistance plan helps expatriates and their families with the social as well as the deeply emotional and psychosocial aspects of an international relocation. It can also help employees adjust back in their home country when their assignment ends.

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Intercultural solutions - global selection and preparation

The success of your organisation’s global success depends almost entirely on having the right employee for the right job. 

Helping you select the right people

Our selection and preparation services can help identify, prepare and support the right employees for your organisation’s international assignments.

These services are delivered through professional consultation, education, intervention and skill-building with the identified employees and their family members.


  • Maximises return on investment through prevention of premature returns and on-site failure through screening of high risk employees
  • Minimises the period of adjustment so employees and their families can reach optimal functioning and productivity sooner
  • Decreases the impact of culture shock and the likelihood of assignment failure
  • Increases productivity and effectiveness of international employees
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Intercultural solutions - cross-cultural training

The business world transcends borders, nationalities, cultures, languages, and time zones. Culture has a profound impact on the way we do business, often touching every employee within an organisation.

Helping your employees adapt to the new culture

More often than not, culture can be a very intimidating and mysterious entity to deal with. Cultural values, beliefs and norms are difficult to identify and label as they are the invisible influential factors of employee behaviour.

For employees with broader knowledge and experience in the international workplace, cultural stereotypes and biases are often still at the core of issues that arise when working with foreign counterparts.

Our cross-cultural training helps employees and their families to maximise intercultural competency, which speeds up integration into a new environment, prevents failed assignments and enhances intercultural understanding, communication and teamwork.


  • Develops globally adaptive skills that are paramount to working across cultural differences
  • Enhances individual and organisational effectiveness worldwide
  • Facilitates successful business and personal integration into a new cultural environment
  • Develops awareness about how culturally determined values affect business styles
  • Teaches an understanding of how stereotypes affect perceptions of themselves and others
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Intercultural solutions - global destination services

Destination services provide employees and their families with the logistical and practical on-the-ground support necessary to ease adaptation and integration into the new host country.

Practical support

This may include:

  • Preview /area orientation
  • Home search
  • Settling in
  • Schooling assistance
  • Lease renewal
  • Depart and disconnect


  • Provides support to employees and their families by responding to their concerns and ensuring that they have settled into their new home environment
  • Allows employees to focus on their job assignment while feeling confident that their families are supported with home issues that need attention
  • Offers service provisions that are flexible so that assistance may be provided during the preview trip, immediately upon arrival, during the settling-in period or through a combination of all three
  • Offers customised services following a needs assessment with both the employee and/or their spouse
  • Provides ongoing support from on the ground consultants to help with relocation issues throughout the duration of the assignment
  • Professional network spanning over 500 cities worldwide ensures your employees are matched with the most appropriate consultant(s) in a timely manner
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Intercultural solutions - global repatriation services

The process of reintegrating, and more importantly retaining your home-bound international assignees, impacts your organisation as well as your employees.

Helping your employees adapt

Invest in our repatriation services and help your employees and their families with their repatriation.

We offer:

  • Adult repatriation training
  • Youth repatriation training
  • Business repatriation training
  • Personal/family repratiation programme
  • Telephonic personal/family repatriation programme


  • Minimises adjustment time and assists with regaining personal/professional health and productivity
  • Mitigates workplace spill-over of professional and/or personal/family re-entry shock issues, symptoms and concerns
  • Helps prevent friction with the receiving work team due to employee or organisational cultural disconnect
  • Facilitates professional re-integration by helping employees to identify and implement their broadened workplace skills and practices
  • Assists with professional/personal goal-setting to increase employee retention
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