Travel insurance

An exclusive travel plan for members of the National Association of Retired Police Officers

The NARPO travel plan

You’ve worked hard all your life and now deserve to enjoy your retirement.

That’s why we’ve arranged, in association with AXA PPP healthcare, a comprehensive annual group travel insurance plan tailored for members of the National Association of Retired Police Officers.

The plan is open to all NARPO members providing they are less than 85 years old and reside in the UK.

So why not take out an annual travel policy, and you can spend more time looking at potential holidays rather than searching for insurance?

What’s included

  • No medical screening information required prior to joining
  • No limit on the number of overseas journeys
  • A total of 183 days can be spent overseas during any insured period
  • Any single trip can last for up to 65 days
  • 17 days of winter sports cover is also included as standard
  • Members can choose to include partners and spouses, as well as children up until their 25th birthday
  • Pre-existing medical conditions are covered as long as a member is fit to travel and not terminally ill

For full details of cover and the terms and conditions see the membership documentation

NARPO travel premiums

The annual cost is the same for all members and includes an administration fee levied by NARPO. All premiums are payable annually in advance and must be paid by direct debit.

The annual premiums for NARPO Travel for the year commencing 01 May 2018 are as follows:

NARPO travel premium table

Good to know

Members can join at any time, however, the full annual cost will be payable even if they join midway through the insurance year which runs from 1 May.

Membership of the plan automatically renews each year on 1 May for all existing members. 

Useful documents

NARPO travel plan handbook
NARPO application form
NARPO travel summary of benefits

How to join

To join, simply download and complete the application form and direct debit mandate and send to:

AXA PPP healthcare
(Travel Department)
Phillips House
Crescent Road
Tunbridge Wells

If you have any questions call free on 0800 389 7724 to speak to one our dedicated experts.