14 October 2016

Award-winning wellbeing company

The Health Insurance Group has scooped the much-coveted Best Workplace Health & Wellbeing Intermediary at this year’s Health Insurance Awards.

Said Brett Hill, Managing Director for The Health Insurance Group: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have taken home this accolade; an award that celebrates the industry’s finest, honouring excellence and professionalism in the health insurance and protection market.”

In a fiercely competitive category where intermediaries have continually demonstrated innovative service delivery and outstanding practice year on year, The Health Insurance Group has been commended for its exceptional holistic health management work in helping a London-based wealth management company, struggling to manage the impact on staff of working long hours in a high pressure environment, improve the health and wellbeing of its staff - consolidating the company’s culture of promoting a healthy work-life balance.

The judges were impressed by the comprehensive range of measures being offered to tackle problems of elevated stress and poor nutrition, and praised the mixture of services deployed which included accessible employee assistance programmes, wearable technologies, education initiatives, counselling and good-behaviour incentives.  The results were also equally as impressive: dramatically improving staff engagement levels from 40% to 70%, reducing overweight staff by 10% and placing 57% of staff in the ‘low-risk of health problems’ category from a more severe 36%.

“Our work showcases the kind of difference a well thought out and perfectly executed workplace health and wellbeing programme can have on a business which could also help promote a ‘feel-good factor’ companywide,” added Hill.  “We’re immensely proud of what we have achieved as these types of assignments are what spurs us on to continue improving and building our service propositions to meet the health care needs of our customers.”

The Health Insurance Group is an independent insurance broker (intermediary) and specialist health and wellbeing advice service provider for companies and individuals both here in the UK and internationally.