11 April 2016

The Health Insurance Group forms partnership with Johnson Fleming

The Health Insurance Group is assisting its clients with auto-enrolment by working in partnership with leading pensions and benefits specialist, Johnson Fleming.

Brett Hill, Managing Director of The Health Insurance Group explains, “The Health Insurance Group has a core client base of SMEs who all have to meet their deadlines for auto-enrolment. It is proving difficult for them to get it right and many pension providers are not providing help, because they are not able to accept any small companies due to lack of capacity for the extra workload. Johnson Fleming has agreed to help existing clients of The Health Insurance Group and provide an easy to access and affordable advice and support service.”

The government's auto-enrolment scheme has been rolling out since 2012 and has now reached SME employers with 50 or fewer employees. This is a group that is well represented amongst The Health Insurance Group's clients and many have indicated that they are struggling to get the project under way in their businesses.

The onus is on employers to auto-enrol everyone they regularly pay, in compliance with the pensions legislation. Even some people that HMRC accepts as self-employed contractors may be classed as 'workers' within this scheme and have to be auto-enrolled by those that pay them.

Through the partnership with Johnson Fleming, The Health Insurance Group’s clients get guaranteed access to dedicated auto-enrolment solutions that, after a fixed set-up fee from £1,100, offers a supported service from as little as £10 per month, or a fully managed service from only £99 per month. Johnson Fleming has launched a dedicated website for customers of The Health Insurance Group and a suite of literature to help clients understand the options and costs available to them.

“Auto-enrolment brings around 30 new responsibilities that employers will have to action every pay reference period,” says Caroline Hope, Marketing Manager at Johnson Fleming. “Employers are responsible for the delivery of auto-enrolment and, if it goes wrong, they will be responsible for putting it right, including the cost. Using our services, employers can action their monthly auto-enrolment duties themselves, using software compatible with all payroll and pension providers, or they can outsource the whole administration to us, allowing them to focus on what’s really important – their business.”