16 April 2015

The Health Insurance Group sponsoring the Samaritans

The Health Insurance Group is sponsoring the Samaritans 2015 London Marathon team

Every six seconds someone calls Samaritans. This is over 5 million calls a year and the service is funded almost entirely by public donations. One of the ways the charity raises money is through people participating in events, such as The London Marathon. So to support them Southampton based The Health Insurance Group (THIG) is sponsoring the running vests for Samaritans team at the London Marathon on 26th April and all their other running events this year. One of the team members is Alasdair Brightwell, a THIG employee, who is also running his first London Marathon for the charity.

Brett Hill, Commercial Director at The Health Insurance Group explains, "As an organisation we are concerned with health and wellbeing in the workplace. With 15 to 20 per cent of a workforce likely to suffer from stress related mental health issues at some point, some of these employees may also be callers to the Samaritans. Just having someone to talk to can make all the difference, as we know from the Employee Assistance Programme helpline services we provide to clients, which reduces stress related time taken off work by over 50 per cent."  

"It is widely recognised that exercise and physical health, such as running, can have a positive impact on mental health. Samaritans is an extraordinary organisation that we are delighted to support, along with their 21,200 volunteers and all the people who run or sponsor runners".

"The Health Insurance Group has sponsored our Samaritans Team running vests for three years now" says Hannah Dumbleton, Samaritans Events Fundraising Manager. "Their support continues to help us raise our profile with the public and means more of the money raised by the runners can go to providing our helplines, which operate round the clock, every single day of the year. Everyone has moments in their life where they struggle and for some, this can lead to feeling hopeless and losing sight of being able to work through their problems. Talking can really help people to see a way through and Samaritans is there to give people the time and space to do this."

Alasdair Brightwell, based in Watford, is National Sales Manager at The Health Insurance Group, responsible for providing specialist advice to businesses on staff health and wellbeing as well as helping them select the best health insurance products to meet their needs. Businesses have a legal duty of care that requires them to assess the nature and scale of risks to health in the workplace; which include risks to mental health, often associated with stress. This will be Alasdair's first full marathon and he will also be taking part in the Windsor Triathlon in June in aid of Samaritans.